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Rules and instructions


PASSWORD / LEPAA 31.7. - 1.8.2021


  1. Multigolf is played in three sports, frisbee golf, soccer golf and park golf 
  2. The scores of all three species are added together 
  3. Compliance with the rules:
  • The game instructor in the group monitors compliance with the rules
  • in case of problems, contact the competition jury (3 members)
  • the player may, after the game, submit any appeal against the rule solutions to the competition jury. By the day of the competition, Multigolf’s broader OMIA rules will be clarified, which will ultimately be decisive. 
  1. Playing
  • nine fairways / species are played
  • each bus has a tee pad from which to start
  • In the World Cup, the maximum number of performances is 8 / fairway / player, otherwise the result will be marked as 10 on the scorecard.
  • the first one on the scorecard starts the round
  • the previous bus best played to start the next, etc.
  • the group adapts flexibly to the approach sequence on a case-by-case basis or as instructed by the game instructor
  • the fields are marked with special lanes with +2 penalties (eg a football field fenced in Parola)
  • when the game equipment is in a place where the player cannot / does not want to continue, he can move the equipment to the previous starting point, or backwards along the line, or to the DZ (Drop Zone) with one penalty
  • if the player has played the game instrument Out (OB) then the game will be continued from the previous place of performance / where applicable DZ place with a +1 penalty depending on the fairway 
  1. Disadvantages and obstacles
  • the player can move loose obstacles such as branches or the like. 
  1. Designated routes and detours (mandos)
  • mando trees must be rotated according to the directional arrow
  • each mando has a DZ slot
  1. Lost game
  • if a player loses his game equipment, the group can search for it for up to 3 minutes
  • in the event of the loss of a game medium, the player continues from the DZ position or the previous performance position with one penalty 
  1. Recording and calculation of results
  • the game instructor of the game group records the results in the electronic application
  • one player from the group in turn keeps a back-up record on a paper scorecard
  • after the last fairway, the group checks and calculates the results, and signs and returns the scorecards to the competition office
  1. Behavior during competition performances
  • the player must not disturb other players or behave unsportsmanlike
  • the player always takes care of his own rubbish out of the competition area
  • the use of alcohol / tobacco products is prohibited during the competition round, nor may you compete under the influence of alcohol;
  1. In the event of a tie, the winners of the series will be decided as follows: the winner with the lowest result on any fairway. If more than one has equally small results, then the winner is the one with more.
  2. Species - specific rules

Soccer Golf:

  • the use of boot shoes is not allowed (so-called turf shoes are ok)
  • football must be official size 4 or 5 (football is not allowed)
  • the moving ball must not be kicked
  • the kick must be clear, i.e. the foot must not touch the ball before the kick leaves
  • lifting and rolling on the soles of the feet are not permitted
  • football must be played through fairway-specific obstacles, as well as following mandos

Frisbee golf:

  • game discs must comply with the official technical regulations for discs
  • Ultimate Frisbees are not allowed
  • A player may carry a maximum of three reels
  • players are not allowed to make changes to the discs
  • in Frisbee Golf NO NEED TO PLAY through fairway-specific obstacles. Excluding mandos and the 4th fairway wall in Parola

Park golf:

  • the organizer of the competition will supply the play equipment
  • in park golf NO NEED TO PLAY through fairway-specific obstacles. Excluding mandos and the wall of the 4th fairway in Parola and the “grill” of the 9th fairway in Lepa



  • BUS 2 - when the ball stops on the mound rock, the ball can be moved freely in a line away from the basket and continue the game without penalty
  • BUS 5 - if the game equipment remains on or under the log, it may be moved freely backwards in line with the line with one penalty.
  • BUS 6 - if the game equipment goes to the ball field, the player gets two penalties and the game is continued from the DZ place
  • lanes 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, and 9 are marked with DZ locations


  • BUS 4 - the opening must be performed in the so-called from the pier. If the game equipment goes into the water in an unplayable place, the game is continued from the DZ place with one penalty.
  • FAIRWAY 5 - after the equipment has drifted into the water, the beach is continued with one penalty. A DZ location is marked on the bus.
  • BUS 6 and 7 - lanes have an area marked with OUT poles due to plantings. The game is resumed from the DZ place with one penalty
  • FAIRWAY 9 - football and park golf must be played through the brick wall “grill” opening
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